Airport notices Barcelona-El Prat

Borders control

The EU’s new measures to strengthen security checks at its external borders could cause delays at borders checkpoints both entering and leaving the Schengen Area. If you are going to fly, please arrive at the airport well ahead of time.

Under the regulatory changes for Schengen borders, border control agents must check the travel documents of all people crossing external borders against the relevant databases, including individuals entitled to free movement. The security check is performed both when entering and leaving border crossing points.

The Ministry of the Interior recommends that European Union citizens always travel with their biometric passport, and recommends Spanish citizens carry their digital ID. This will allow them to use the automatic ABC checkpoints installed at immigration control stations in the arrivals areas of Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas, Barcelona-El Prat, Palma de Mallorca, Málaga-Costa del Sol, Alicante-Elche and Girona-Costa Brava airports.

Check-in service for cruise passengers

The Barcelona-El Prat airport has launched a check-in service for cruise passengers that will be available until 29 October. It is a specific procedure for travellers taking flights after arriving in Barcelona from a cruise.

Air France-KLM, American Airlines, British Airways and Vueling have 14 exclusive desks in the Terminal T1 Intermodal lobby for passengers who are arriving in Barcelona on a cruise to check in their bags and travel by plane to other destinations afterwards. The airport also has set up security checkpoints in the area for regional flights and an air shuttle service to ease access to the boarding area as much as possible.

Passengers arriving at Barcelona port and who have requested the service in advance will also have the option of travelling by special coach, which will take them directly to the airport's Intermodal lobby with their luggage. The company Intercruises is responsible for managing Royal Caribean Cruises and Celebrity cruises, while BCTours oversees operations within the Norwegian Cruise Line.

Names of the Terminal T2 boarding areas to change

The names of the boarding gates and areas in Terminal T2 have changed. Each boarding area are named with one letter and a specific colour and, in turn, each gate with a letter and a sequential number. The same zoning criteria will be implemented as that used in Terminal T1.

For more information, please consult our interactive maps or download an explanatory document from the following link:

New names for the bording gates of terminal T2 (pdf, 133.17 kB)

Beacon Technology

Aena has introduced innovative Beacon technology at Barcelona-El Prat, allowing the airport to provide passengers with direct information regarding their flights, security wait times, sales promotions and other important services. It will also allow airlines to communicate with their passengers in real time when they are in the airport.

iBeacons, or Beacons, are small devices emitting short wave signals via Bluetooth which are received by a smartphone or similar device and require interaction with an installed app. With Bluetooth activated, the signal can be received and personalised information can be provided.

Notifications sent through the Aena app will help passengers as they move through the airport and improve their overall experience. The information received by passengers in real time ranges from information about their flight, security wait times, necessary documentation for boarding, sales promotions, reminders for the location of their car in the car park upon their return trip, etc.

The Aena app is free and is the only official app in Spain for flights and Aena airports. It is available for Android and iOS.