Airport notices Gran Canaria


Starting 1 March, passengers travelling from Gran Canaria Airport to non-Schengen international destinations on flights operated by the regional airlines Binter Canarias and Canaryfly will have their own departures lounge.

This new area is located next to Departures Lounge ‘A’ for inter-island flights on the lower level of the North Wing. Gates A01 to A04 will be used for these flights.

Passengers departing with these airlines will continue to check in as usual, as no changes will be made in terms of check-in desk allocation or access to the security checkpoints. However, the journey to the new departures lounge will indeed be shorter. These changes will also make it easier for passengers on inter-island flights to connect with international routes offered by these airlines because the new lounge is located on the same level and only a short distance from the inter-island arrivals lounge.

The arrivals for these international flights will remain unchanged and continue to take place in the usual area (International Area of Arrivals Lounge 2).

Quiet airport

Please keep an eye on the flight information on the screens. No boarding calls are made at Gran Canaria Airport.